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Community Remote Sensing: NEPTUNE Canada: Data from the Deep – Judgments from the Crowds


Community-contributed quality control, validation, and analysis of networked ocean sensor data. Members of the public will be contributing to level-0 quality control on data from sensors located on the seabed, west of Vancouver Island. Future plans include game-like environments to enlist community support for detection, classification, and verification of oceanic video/acoustic data.


The University of Victoria, Victoria, BC is the lead on this project that has partners throughout Canada, the US and the rest of the world. Funding for this particular project is coming from CANARIE Inc. and NEPTUNE Canada's funding is coming from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and from the BC Knowledge Development Fund.


NEPTUNE Canada is the world's largest cabled ocean observatory. It consists of an 800 km loop of underwater telecom cable located west of Vancouver Island, on the North-East Pacific. The cable visits several areas of scientific interest and provides ample power and communication bandwidth to dozens of instruments and sensors. Data are available on the Internet in quasi real-time, in very large volumes. So much so that to help with initial analysis, we have a project on-going that uses the power of the crowds (crowdsourcing) to improve the level zero interpretation of ocean data. In the same project framework, we are also planning to develop a simple, basic shallow water "observatory" that would be installable at e.g., schools with direct access to a marine environment, making e.g., cameras controls available to schools world-wide through intelligent, flexible and innovative software. Members of the public will help detect, classify and verify the content of acoustic and video data from the deep using the concept of games with a purpose.


To be posted when available.


Project LeadBenoƮt Pirenne (bpirenne@uvic.ca)
Project Websitehttp://www.neptunecanada.ca


Diagram showing the project framework for "Data from the Deep, Judgments from the Crowds".

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